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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Born To Be....

A catchy title I would say after a long nap in the blogging world. Been very busy with my both daughter and family. Born2bake.blogspot is a blog catching my attention after several months in a long nap. The reason is I know this fellow. And she’s just like me a 9 to 5 worker. Feel proud to know her when knowing her story how she started to have passion in bakery. Both husband and wife have passion in delicacy. When we do something that we like, the outcome would be fantastic. Things that we like to do is something that we born to be. Is it true? Well I can see this one is true. She was born2bake. And this phrase would best be applied in parenthood. But we also have to make sure the thing our children like to do is something positive. With the correct amount of guides and support we can realize it what our children are meant to be. So they can serve well to the community. And to those who love to bake, do it with passion .you guys serve us well. Burrppp….seeing it makes me hungry. Born2bake you make me hungry. A sneak preview... want to try it and love it...get it